Attwood 11401-4 Pontoon Storage Blocks 4 Box


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UV-resistant material for long-lasting durabilityContoured design fits the shape of a pontoonEasily stored by stacking or hanging


84 in stock

Discover hassle-free storage with our lightweight and extra-strong pontoon blocks. Designed with special features for added stability and convenience, each storage block can hold up to 3,000 pounds. The bottom has a molded-in texture to ensure maximum grip on concrete or ground surfaces, while the pre-drilled holes make fastening or staking easy. Ergonomic hand-holds make carrying more comfortable. Drainage channels and holes prevent water from pooling against your pontoon.

UV-resistant material for long-lasting durability

Contoured design fits the shape of a pontoon

Easily stored by stacking or hanging

Sold as set of four

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