Attwood 1731-4 Turbo 3000 Series 12V In-Line Bilge Blower – White, Standard


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For 3″ I.D. ventilation hoseInstall with #10 fasteners (not included)Individual carton includes 2 tie straps


75 in stock

The first vane axial-flow fan bilge blowers designed using aerospace technology to maximize performance. No other bilge blowers in the industry provide such powerful system output at such a low power input in a compact size. Patented in-line design – provides ventilation for engine compartments, galleys, bilges, and heads. System airflow exceeds old-style in-line blowers by as much as 25%. Draws up to 40% fewer amps, making our Turbo blowers up to four times more efficient than competitive blowers. Marine ignition protected.

For 3″ I.D. ventilation hose

Install with #10 fasteners (not included)

Individual carton includes 2 tie straps

1 year warranty

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