Attwood 5340-54-7 Two-Mile Folding Pole All-Round Light – Packaged


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54″ Pole Length2-pin locking collar pole1-year warranty


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Since all-round lights must be at least “One Meter” above the sidelights, some boats require a longer pole light that is difficult to store.Attwood’s Folding-Pole All-Round light solves this problem. It has all the features of the patented Articulating Anti-Glare light. It focuses light at the horizon and above – not in the pilot’s eyes. The patented Articulating Head adjusts from 15° forward to 15° aft. Just align the lens to the horizon and tighten the adjustment screw, plus the removable pole folds in half for easy stowage.The mid-point hinge is corrosion-resistant, glass-filled black plastic with a durable hinge pin. Wiring is sheathed at the hinge for trouble-free operation.Series 5340Use with Light Bases 91020, 91022, 91024, 91026*, 91041, 91042, 91043, 911339, 911370, 911445, 911490 (*When locking collar is removed).

54″ Pole Length

2-pin locking collar pole

1-year warranty

Attwood part number: 5340-54-7

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