Attwood 93516LP7 Primer Bulb – 5/16″


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Primer BulbBulb Size: 5/16″Attwood part number: 93516LP7


63 in stock

The Attwood multi-layer primer bulb allows you to prime with almost half the strokes of the leading competitor. It is designed for high performance priming in harsh marine environments.This non permeation material design prevents fuel evaporation saving fuel and money. It is engineered to maintain flexibility in cold temperatures and prevent collapse or bursting in hot conditions.Compatible with ethanol blended fuels they meet all of the EPA and CARB requirements in addition to the requirements of the USCG and ABYC.OEM Equivalent Part Number: OMC 174511, Quicksilver 13330A3.

Primer Bulb

Bulb Size: 5/16″

Attwood part number: 93516LP7

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