Connect-Ease RCE12VBM6CK Outboard Motor and Accessory Complete Connection Kit


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Quick, simple, and easyPerfect connections every timeCorrosion-resistant components


5 in stock

Our latest Outboard connection, connect your outboard to the terminal blocks included in the kit and then use one of our other accessory connections to connect your power panel, depth finders, downriggers and other accessories to you cranking motor. Quickly disconnect and remove the battery for storage, maintenance, replacement and theft protection. With the included boots to cover your terminals, fish the coastal waters and Great Lakes within Coast Guard requirements.

Quick, simple, and easy

Perfect connections every time

Corrosion-resistant components

Easy battery maintenance

Applications: On-board battery charger, 12V trolling motor, shallow water anchor, running lights, spot light, depth finder, radio, sonar, GPS, horn, down riggers, bilge pump, extra battery

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