Perko 1400DP2CHR Alpha-Series Universal White All-Around Navigation Pole Light – 24″ Height


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Pole Length: 24″Adjustable pole rake with one locking collar and one threaded collar3/4″ diameter anodized aluminum tube


6 in stock

Perko’s Alpha Series Universal replacement lights are designed to fit most other manufacturers’ bases. They feature two collars (one threaded and one locking), two screw positions, and a full output translucent globe (360°). Traditional white translucent globe allows for all round visibility even when globe orientation is not horizontally aligned. In addition, this design also provides limited cockpit illumination. The 1400 Alpha Series models also feature an adjustable pole rake.

Pole Length: 24″

Adjustable pole rake with one locking collar and one threaded collar

3/4″ diameter anodized aluminum tube

12 volt bulb (included)

Locking collar fits figures 1045, 1046, 1047, 1059, and 1060 two-pin bases in the Perko Recreational Catalog; Threaded collar fits figure 1048 two-pin base in the Perko Recreational Catalog

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