Surly Soap 14069 Medium Aggression Mini Bar Soap – Pack of 1


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31 in stock

Surly Soap is the most innovative hand soap for removing paint, dirt and grease. This powerful cleansing soap has a tough scrubbing pad embedded in it, combining grease-cutting and dirt-scouring in one soap. The more you use it, the more the scrubber is revealed. Experience Surly Soap Mini’s powerful scrubbing action on the go and leave work behind. Inside of each bar is a powerful scrubber and its unique design penetrates where other soaps can’t touch. Available in three levels of scour power: Aggressive, Medium and Mild.

Infused scrubber with built-in finger rail punishes grease, dirt and other stubborn compounds

Hardcore scrubbing power

Soap-infused scrubber

Medium aggression

Quantity: 1 per package

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