T-H Marine FLX-25-DP T-H Flex Expandable Braided Sleeve – 1/4″ x 100′


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Lightweight protective sleevingProtects wire, cables and hosesBraided from high temperature yarns


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T-H Flex is a lightweight, braided jacketing for bundling and protecting wires, cables and hoses. Braided from high temperature yarns, T-H Flex offers total protection for wire and cable assemblies. The unique expansion characteristics makes T-H Flex easy to slip on. Only a few sizes are needed to cover a large diameter range, since each size of T-H Flex expands up to four times its normal diameter. The sleeving cuts easily and cleanly with a hot knife and once installed, will beautify and protect any wire, hose or cable application.

Lightweight protective sleeving

Protects wire, cables and hoses

Braided from high temperature yarns

Chemical resistant

Simplifies and beautifies any rigging application

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