Turning Point Propellers 21431511 Hustler 3-Blade Aluminum Propeller for 40-300+hp Engines with 4.25″ Gearcase – 13.75″ x 15″, Right Hand Prop LE1/LE2-1315


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3-Blade Hustler Series Aluminum PropellerFor 40-300+hp Engines with 4.25″ GearcaseRight Hand Propeller


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Turning Point Propellers LE1/LE2-1315 Hustler 3-Blade Aluminum Propeller for 40-300+hp Engines with 4.25″ Gearcase is a right hand propeller and has a 13.75″ diameter and a 15″ pitch. Turning Point has built their reputation on a relentless focus on engineering the best performing aluminum propellers in the World. Utilizing state-of-the-art Squeeze Casting technology, they produce Hustler 3 Blade Propellers that run as fast as their competitors’ Stainless Steel Props, and even sometimes faster! Super stiff metallurgy, unique blade geometry, aggressive pitch, rake, and cup all give you the best they can offer: Stainless Performance at Aluminum Prices! Not only does top speed, handling and hole shot improve, but also mid-range performance, which will save you a ton in gas usage. If you want the most your boat and engine combination can offer, then the Hustler 3 Blade delivers. The Three Blade Hustler is great for boaters looking to get the most top end out of their boat, and offer excellent bow lifting capabilities. Four blade props accelerate faster, exhibit stern lift, handle rough or following seas better, and maintain speed better as you load the boat down with gear or people. Three blade props run better on pontoons, while four blades and three blades both run well on tri-toons (recent testing has shown that pontoons and tri-toons run better with larger blade diameters than runabout or bass boat hulls).

3-Blade Hustler Series Aluminum Propeller

For 40-300+hp Engines with 4.25″ Gearcase

Right Hand Propeller

Diameter: 13.75″; Pitch: 15″

Propeller Number: LE1/LE2-1315

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