Turning Point Propellers 31501931 Express 4-Blade Stainless Steel Propeller for 90-300+hp Engines with 4.75″ Gearcase – 14″ x 19″, Right Hand Prop EX-1419-4


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4-Blade Express Series Stainless Steel PropellerFor 90-300+hp Engines with 4.75″ GearcaseRight Hand Propeller


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Turning Point Propellers EX-1419-4 Express 4-Blade Stainless Steel Propeller for 90-300+hp Engines with 4.75″ Gearcase is a left hand propeller and has a 14″ diameter and a 19″ pitch. The Prop that put the “four” in Performance! Turning Point’s Four Blade Hustler revolutionized the aluminum propeller market when introduced over 6 years ago. No one had ever produced an aluminum propeller with two different blade shapes (they call it Dual Geometry) for 90-300+hp applications. This prop is uniquely engineered with two blade geometries: (diagram label 2) two blades utilize the Hustler high performance variable rake and aggressive pitch design for incredible hole shot and cornering, and (diagram label 1) two blades utilize an offshore style design for high speed and maximum stern lift. These props re-wrote the rules, proving that you can run a four blade that has unprecedented hole shot, handling, and rough water stability without the top-end speed loss you experience with other manufacturers’ propellers. Now manufactured in our Industry leading TP17 stainless, the Express Mach4 series is perfect for any application that demands enhanced acceleration, cornering, and load carrying capabilities. This prop series is ideally suited for watersports, sterndrive boats, tri-toons, bay boats, and any vessel that can use stern lift. It is our best upgrade of older stainless designs from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and ’00’s, and will outrun most newer props, including five blade ski props.

4-Blade Express Series Stainless Steel Propeller

For 90-300+hp Engines with 4.75″ Gearcase

Right Hand Propeller

Diameter: 14″; Pitch: 19″

Propeller Number: EX-1419-4

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